We are more than 7.6 billion today…

…and the number keeps growing


Awareness – Understanding – Action

What we do today – good or bad – will have critical implications for us now and for future generations

Be aware of the state of the Earth

Our planet is, of course, finite, limited in space and resources, so we need to be keenly aware of its overall health. It’s important to help to protect those spaces and those resources. Planet Earth deserves better.

Understand the implications

Our planet is 4.5 billion years old, a number difficult to contemplate. We have been here a very, very short time, and yet the degradation we see today has been caused almost entirely in the last few hundred years. We need to foster a better understanding of our impacts on life on this planet.

Act towards a better future

Although the challenges are huge, we must act towards the protection of our AWEsome planet. Working together, small incremental changes can lead to major shifts in the way we live. Give A Wink to Earth.